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Below is the complete list of backordered books that have no stocks until now.

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General questions for this table

Order Closed - This means that there is a lower chance of restocks at Tankobonbon since we can no longer order extras. This could also mean either reprints are of lower chance at the moment, it's closer to being out of print, or it is temporarily unpurchaseable by retailers. We don't initiate cancelations (unless we're notified it's out of print) as long as chances are not zero. Nevertheless, replacement/cancelation is advised. Backordered - This means the book is waiting for stocks. We can still order more for on-hand extras.

These are all of the remaining released books that were ordered at Tankobonbon but have not arrived yet. Pre-orders are not included.

Not as real-time as our Incoming table, but all changes will be reflected on our Changelog.

It depends on the publisher as there are multiple factors to be considered when reprinting (aka printing new copies of an already-released book). The duration spans from three months to more than a year or two, depending on the popularity, demand, printer schedule, etc.

Nice! Please advise us to remove/cancel the book from your order so you can be refunded, if already paid.

It will be removed from this table and it will show up on the Incoming table instead, then all related backorders of the book will be marked as "Processing." If it's not yet paid, we'll be sending an invoice.

Nope, as this information is, essentially, for backorders. By default, backordering is already closed.

Backordered Order Closed
Backordered Order Closed
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