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As a bookstore, we offer a lot of manga and light novels, but sometimes it's not enough, right? Some series have no English releases until now, and we would like to know what you're eager to see in official English print.

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Please upvote a series that does not have an English release yet but you'd purchase physically if it has an English release.

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License Suggestions

Is there a Japanese/Korean/Chinese series that you want to be licensed in English? Fill up this form to see if the interest is high enough for print--cause the manga industry is still business, it has to sell. But of course, there may be other factors too!

Suggestion Form

Please input the Japanese/Korean/Chinese manga/manhwa/manhua/novel series that you wish would be licensed in English AND you'll collect until the final volume. All entries in this form are automatically added for voting above. The only regulation we do is remove duplicate entries and already licensed series, otherwise, feel free to vote and share. This form is solely for interest check especially for future restocks. We recommend suggesting these titles directly to the publishers! PLEASE do not put Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint as it's already up for voting. The entry will be removed above should there be more cases of duplicate entries.

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