Japanese books and goods

The books on this page cannot be purchased directly on the website but can be requested to be ordered or purchased at our physical store.

Different types of Japanese goods


Comic books in Japanese

Manga set

A collection of Japanese volumes, these cannot be sold separately and they do NOT come in a box, the volumes are just sold together

Light novel

Thinner volume-by-volume novels in Japanese, usually of smaller trim size

Guidebook or Fanbook

An extra collectible volume in Japanese oftentimes with character/story facts and trivia


A book full of illustrations and artwork with little to no text

Manga magazine

A serialization magazine (weekly/biweekly/monthly/etc.) that contains one chapter of multiple series that continues one issue after another. Usually includes a furoku or a freebie that can vary from posters to stationery. These are usually cheap due to their usage of thin, recycled paper.

Media magazine

A thin magazine focused on anime featurettes, spotlights, industry interviews, rankings, etc. Usually includes multiple posters and pin-ups.

Lifestyle or Entertainment magazine

A magazine for regular TV shows, actors, etc. Oftentimes include spotlights and/or freebies related to an anime.


Can vary from desktop to wall calendars featuring a series' official art.

Book for learning Japanese

For those learning Japanese, N5 is for beginners and N1 is for native fluency.

Book for learning how to draw

Ranging from traditional to digital art, these books contain step-by-step tutorials to achieve a certain style or art technique.

Tear-able postcard book

A book filled with very thick postcards than can be torn and used as room decoration, journal decor, letter attachment, etc.

Book bag

A book with a bag! Could be a purse, pouch, drawstring, tote bag, shoulder bag, backpack, etc. Some book bags are branded.


Various items not part of any category mentioned in this page

To order these Japanese books online, you can do ANY of the following: Chat us on our social media OR Send an inquiry under "Add Books" if you wish to add them to your existing order OR Send an inquiry under "Purchase Japanese Book" if you wish to place it as a new order Kindly indicate the title as well as the order ID (if applicable)

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The best way is to chat us your email and which Japanese book you'd like (you can copy-paste the title or screenshot the item from this page). We'll send over our payment instructions and if you have a site account, just confirm the address that we have on file and we can ship it to you. If there's no site address, kindly provide us with your shipping address.

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