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Product FAQs

Yup. If you wish to buy Japanese books, please visit our CDJapan order form

No. It is a general misconception that all books are sealed, but the publisher only seal books with explicit content. The bookstore is the one sealing the books and we don't do that as we consider it as a waste of plastic.

$9.99. The price of every manga is printed on the back cover and we abide by this price, converted to peso, rounded (which for this is ₱500).

Yes. Actually, we can order and sell any possible book, manga or not. You may contact us if you have any inquiries about this.

Yes, for books that are still 90 days away from their release date. If it's past that, we cannot open pre-orders anymore, but you can strike a chance for on-hand extras.

Yes, it's open, but once it reached more than 200 days of no news about its stock, you'll receive an email asking if you wish to cancel or extend it.


Either it's sold out from us, the supplier, or it's a US-exclusive book that we unfortunately cannot restock anymore.

Yes, as long as it's licensed in English print. You may request books through the Database Form.

Yes, but only on Shopee. For site orders, an email will be sent upon packing for you to check the condition. By then, you may halt us to ship it.

We can definitely curate you a short three-book list depending on what you're looking for, just let us know on the form below.

Account FAQs

Yes. Please register at tankobonbon.com/account/register. You may use your email or register using your SNS account.

On the log-in page, kindly select Forgot your password' input your email, and a reset password email will be sent to you. Otherwise, you may request this on the Request Support page.

Let us know on the Request Support page by selecting Change email then enter your old email or one of your order IDs, as well as your new email.

Kindly inform us through the Request Support form so we could check.

Kindly inform us through the Other Concerns form below.

You may either... - Once logged in, go to your account page and visit the Address section -or- - Once logged in, go directly to tankobonbon.com/account/addresses -or- - Send us a request at the Request Support Form

Yes, should they notoriously breach our Terms of Use.

Cart FAQs

Yes. Please register at tankobonbon.com/account.

Once registered and logged in, just add to cart your favorite books to your cart, enter your shipping and payment details, and you're done!

Yes. You may visit our Shopee at shopee.ph/tankobonbon where select on-hands and extra Japanese books are posted.

Yes. This was prohibited before but restrictions are now lifted.

Yes. Let us know if it's bound to an office address. If you want to specifically consolidate it with other orders, if you wish to have no bookmarks included, fully bubble wrapped than paper, or if you want to include a greeting for someone else.

Yes, as long as you're logged in and you open it again on the same browser and device.

Nope. Orders should be placed.

Payment FAQs

GCash, PayPal, Paymaya, bank transfer, BPI direct deposit, and Palawan Express. We also cater cash-on-deliveries (COD) which means you will be charged by the rider upon delivery. Take note that we reserve the right to decline COD orders if they're too risky.

Just place the order without any payment and we'll just charge you once stocks are confirmed on our end. Our way of charging you is via email wherein an invoice will be sent with your order summary including a 3-day grace period. Should we receive no payment within that period, the order will be canceled and you will have a strike in our records (multiple strikes will ban your account). These orders are cancelable as long as the stock is not yet confirmed. This is our recommended payment method for non-on-hand orders to ensure we hold no liability should the order remain no-stock for a long time.

Please inform us through the Other Concerns form below.

The item's price is all-in, just add your local shipping fee.

Shipping FAQs

At the moment, we only ship within the Philippines.

Yes, all orders are free of shipping charge if the overall book total is or exceeds ₱2,700.

GoGo Xpress - ships 2-7 days depending on your location; some areas are not covered J&T Express - ships 3-14 days depending on your location Grab/Lalamove/Borzo - [ this is currently not supported ]

It varies per weight and location. Kindly utilize our shipping calculator found on your cart page (tankobonbon.com/cart).

Same-day delivery is when you book a rider via Grab/Lalamove/Borzo to pick up your order from us. You will pay for the delivery fees to the rider. At the moment, this is not supported.

This depends on the quantity of books. One book is just packed in a bubble mailer, 2-3 books in a slim box with air columns around it, while 4+ in larger boxes also with air columns around it.

You will get a fanart bookmark (with permissions from the artist) and a small manga trivia card. We add more inclusions during announced events.

Consolidation is combined shipping. If you have more than one order over the span of a few weeks/months and the books on those order are acquired at different times, we'll ship those acquired together to save on shipping.

Yes. If your refund hasn't reflected, let us know on the Other Concerns form below.

Yes, we offer exchanges for books that are unreadable or have missing pages, misprint, and other major damages that the customer was not informed about. Additionally, we exchange incorrectly-shipped books, just let us know through the request form so it will be handled right away.

Order FAQs

For more information, please visit the Order Status page

You will receive a confirmation email the moment you place it. Please ensure you have your correct email address used when creating your account. For backorders and pre-orders, you will receive another email after the order confirmation email. If you haven't received anything, please let us know at the Other Concerns form below.

If it's on-hand or acquired, it will be shipped the next weekday, which, depending on your location, should be delivered in a week.

All orders can be canceled, but only not yet acquired/not yet processing orders can receive full refund.

Yes, please request it on the Support Form.

You must be logged in here and visit the Order Status page.

Please contact us through the Support Form.

Please contact us through the Support Form.

You should be notified about it on the Dispatch email sent to you prior to shipping. Otherwise, if the damage is severe and was not compensated, please contact us through the Support Form.

Please let us know through the live chat/other concerns at the bottom of this page.

Please wait for another text/email within the next 24 hours in case it was a mistake, otherwise, let us know through the live chat or the order concern form below.

Bonbon FAQs

These are what Tankobonbon's points are called.

You will see this on the left side of the top bar at the very top part of the site. Click on it to open the Bonbons page.

For every peso spent is equivalent to 1 Bonbon. You can also earn Bonbons through Discord games, promos, and events. For damage compensations, Bonbon points are given.

To redeem Bonbons, just click on the Bonbon menu at the very top-left of the site, and click Redeem. You'll be able to redeem discount codes and free shipping coupons.

Just let us know on the Request Support page your email address and we'll refund all unused Bonbons.

CDJapan FAQs

Any books, calendars, or CD/DVD that are in Japanese.

Just go to our CDJapan order page and instructions are written there for you to follow :) But essentially, just copy the links from CDJapan and paste it on the form. The payment in peso will be calculated on the form.

Not at the moment, but we'll announce when it's up and open!

Proxy FAQs

Yes. Please fill out our proxy form. However, our form is not always available; please come back in another day if it's not.

Ordering via proxy will be more expensive than ordering on Tankobonbon.com or to their site directly, especially if you'll only buy one or two books. But since you're sharing the box with other people who are also ordering for proxy, the shipping fee will be much cheaper. Nevertheless, the overall total will definitely be more expensive than waiting for on-hands at Tankobonbon.


Preferably, yes, but you can select cash-on-delivery given that you have at least one successful COD delivery on the site or CDJapan before.

Amazon/RightStuf's processing times vary, but their shipments arrive within a week.

Tankobonbon FAQs

We're a family-owned independent bookstore. You may learn about us on our About page here.


Not at the moment.

No. Our books are direct as we're an official distributor. However, should a book ran out of stocks from our supplier but it's in stock at Amazon / RightStuf, we can order it for you via Proxy—FAQ is listed above.

Sorry, not right now.

Yes, we post them on our social media pages, especially Discord.

Yes. Live chat: Most of the day. Dispatch: 10AM to 3PM For any email/Discord messages, please expect a reply as soon as we're online or within 1-3 weekdays. You may visit and order on the site 24/7.

We recommend reading our Knowledge Base that acts as the glossary of everything around here.

Our lines are closed for front-end consumers, please contact us via chat/form/email instead.

Please fill out the Other Concerns form below.

Nope. We do not have advertisements on any of our sites.