We're an indie bookstore specifically for


A PH-based official English manga and light novel distributor and a stakeholder of the National Book Development Board. As for our books, we try to stick to the list price as much as possible. We run on code! Lots of operations are done by robots and coding.

Tankobonbon table shelving

The physical store

We're opening our physical office that also serves as our pop-up store. It's a tiny space filled with a bunch of books! Since we're in the pandemic, we're not yet accepting visitors, but once it's safe to go out, we'll be opening our doors for you!

Explore books physically

We have a lot of shelves filled with lots of books for you to explore live. These books are paper-sealed so no one gets to read them before you.

Decorated subculturally

We got them official posters, calendars, magazines, figures, toys, stationery, and the like along with the books to make your visit feel like a fan's haven.

Order online and pick-up in-store

Save your shipping when you plan to visit so you can just pick up your orders. You can also have your physical purchases converted to Bonbon points!

Read freely on pre-loved books

Some pre-loved, damaged, and worn-out books are up for free reading. Just sit back, relax, and grab a read! No fees, just don't bring food and drinks and bring back the book to the shelf properly when you're done.

Watch live packaging

All operations will be on the store so you'll see how orders are packed and picked up, how books arrive, unload, and unboxed, and how things come and go.

Silent, but active

Our bookstore is now ran by many, many codes, gears, and braincells and all the changes are now reflected on the changelog.